The Sudbury Dolphin Aquatic Club, is a not for profit organization which is run solely by volunteers who are dedicated to the sport of SCUBA Diving. Formed in 1958, we are one of the oldest and largest training diving clubs in Ontario.

Some of our members were part of OUC board of directors and ACUC board of directors and were instrumental in the development of the Fathom Five dive sanctuary in Tobermory, they also helped preserve the Sweepstake in Little Tub Harbour. Our members are influential in the local diving industry and give back whenever possible through helping with instruction or supporting one of our clean-up initiatives (below or above water).

Today we enjoy a membership of approximately 60 to 75 members a year and train divers – from Snorkel Divers to Scuba Instructor Trainers.

All monies collected from the training of new recruits is used to pay pool fees and certification. All other money collected by the club is re-invested in insurance fees , instructor certifications, yearly operation, equipment maintenance and diving excursions.

We are one of the few clubs in Ontario to possess portable and stationary air compressors that are available to our members once they have completed free training on the operation of the units.

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Dolphin Aquatic Club

PO Box 21013 

Lockerby Post Office

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